Merry Christmas! ...Last Minute Drop-Ins

I had a little bit of time and so I made a couple last minute cards.  Hubbs is sick, so staying in and resting hoping for enough healing before tomorrow!  These two cards, one will start off my stash for next year -- yay!  Maybe I can be timely next year  :o)

The first one is made with a new NBUS die, and I couldn't wait to use it.  I was so happy when I received it to find out that it not only cuts but embosses too!  Zoom in a bit and you can see how beautiful it made those leaves!

I was hoping that the stamping off to the left would give an impression of not only "trellis" but of a holiday trellis -- see those cute little stars!  Again, I love those embossed leaves...

This next one was also a new purchase, NBUS.  I had seen many others use it on cards, and I fell in love.  Not sure if it's the mix of fonts, paintability, matching dies or what it was but I really wanted to make a card this year with it!  Shhh this one's for Hubbs....

Well thank you for stopping by, saying hello and giving me a moment of your already busy day!  Blessings to all of you...



Joy To The World....again....

Good evening, Friends!  I'm writing this in a blink of an eye, to show another card made with the same sentiment that I love so much.  I had the sentiment stamped and die cut out just lying around and decided to use a couple other snippets and get it off my desk before it's March and I'm still looking at it!

The sentiment was a snippet as was the gold strips made from other cards so I played around and make up with a layout that I enjoyed.  I also like that the gold strips seem to bring out the sentiment a bit more.  

Well I also wanted to take the time to say that I really appreciate your visits, your kind words and your moral support!  In case I can't get by to see you before the holiday, I want to personally say Merry Christmas to everyone, and I'm sending hopes that you are surrounded by good food and great people! 



Birthday Wishes, Hubbs!

A day late and a dollar short, but I wanted to post this card that I made for the Hubbs.  This Birthday was a "mile marker", followed by a dinner with the kids that live locally and missing the ones that don't.  We had a great dinner, followed by ice cream,  and enjoyed the time spent by everyone -- after all, I know that's always our favorite part of a day, ANY part that's spent with our kids!

This card resembles a bit of the Christmas cards, because I decided to use the gold paper again and  the SSS Vented Star since I had a great sentiment to go with it!  While it doesn't say Happy Birthday on the outside, it was awesomely fitted inside!

Thanks for stopping by,  and I hope to see you at your blogs soon!  I may actually be catching up... a little...!



Joy, Joy, Joy!

Hello, Friends!  I'm here again with another "set" of 3, but this time I can't really choose which one I want to showcase first so I just may have to do 3 full size and let you choose!  These cards showcase a newly purchased sentiment stamp I lOvE!  I love the script, I love the saying -- what else can I say?!  While all 3 are very different, there's just something about each one.   So here they are...

A little die cutting and some clear stamping here so as not to detract from that sentiment...

A little heat embossing, glitter tape and foil tape...

Some heat embossing, partial die cutting and gorgeous washi tape...  Ok, ok, this one might be my fave!  And because it has a couple different techniques, I'll be sending this one over to CAS Mix UP December 2017

Here's to hoping your holidays are shaping up nicely and you're enjoying the season without the rush!
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for all your wonderful comments too!



Christmas Vented Star

Howdy, howdy!  Just popping in with another one of my "multiples", hope you enjoy....

Well, this one use a really pretty foiled paper called India Gold by The Paper Company!  i ADORE this paper!  kind rustic, kinda "old", definitely pretty in my eyes!  Anyway, onto the card!

Wow! Love that paper...  Anyway, I set the star on an angle, then decided it may not have been quite enough of an angle so I decided to pop up the sentiment and angle it too.  Hopefully it looks better this way!

And the other two?

Well, that's it for me today, except that I'm sending one of these over to make an appearance in MUSE #245.



Simply Poinsettias...

Howdy, Friends!  I hope you are all doing well, and your holiday plans are firming up, cards are almost done (ha! not mine), and you're taking in all the wonder!

I decided that my plan of attack for Christmas cards were to try to pick something (die, stamp....) to make a cards, then make multiples but change up each one with color, layout or whatever.  This is working pretty well, and allowing me to get more cards done since I'm not "Johnny On The Ball" since my new job!  I like doing this for a couple of reasons though - 1) I am faster making some changes than planning a whole new card, and 2) I can utilize my choice in different ways.  So, here's one of my first ones...

While this card doesn't actually have a sentiment, I'm undecided whether I'll put one on or just let the poinsettias speak.  I only used the die, Nuvo drops, colored backdrop and a bit of ribbon.  
ETA:  Zipping this in at the last minute to Simons Says Wednesday Challenge "Anything Goes: "

The other two (with different option) are here...

Well thank you for popping in and spending a couple minutes with me.  I hope your holidays are shaping up to be amazing and filled with love!



Happy Belated Thanksgiving Wishes

I actually made a couple cards (on time), got them mailed (possibly not on time), and then totally neglected to post it and send my wishes to all you wonderful friends!  So sorry, I hope to grow up and be better soon...  Meanwhile, I better get this posted at least while it's still Thanksgiving weekend!!!

I must admit, you might have to use a little creative imagination to get this card.  I wanted a pumpkin, which i didn't have so I used the closest thing I had (well kinda...)!  Here she goes, remember to freely use your imagination!

Do you get it?  Well, here's my story:  I really fell in love with this card from Sandie, I just really loved the white and kraft, and the simplicity of the whole thing! It just spoke to me the day I saw it.  So here's to you, Sandie!  Like I said, I didn't have a pumpkin, so I used SSS Single Roses dies to emboss a "pumpkin" and add some leaves for a pop of color.  Hindsight I think the embossed background distracts a little, and definitely defeats the "simplicity" factor, but I was trying to go for a quilted warmth.  I also think my photo isn't the clearest either!  Sorry!  Here's a clearer close-up:

I did want to say that I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you're resuming life after the "stuffing"!  Thanks for popping in!

ETA:  I've been invited to join in at the latest Time Out challenge by the very sweet Sandie, so here goes!  Thanks, Sandie!!!




...pink and gray, belated Birthday!  This card was sent to a dear friend, an inspiration, and definitely a happy uplifting person!  I wanted to use her favorite colors, and I also used a sketch challenge but I never seem to get them mailed and then posted before the challenge is over.  Oh well... I'm hoping she liked this, and REALLY hoping it extended her Birthday just a bit! 

I know, I know not so fallish, but her personality just speaks sunny days and butterflies!  I made it into a shaker card as you can tell by the glare in the lower right corner, it's something I don't make much of but wanted to see those punched butterflies move around a bit.  The small butterflies were punched (actually leftovers from another), sponged and added into the shaker with a bit of white FlowerSoft. Another tidbit is that the vellum butterfly is actually a two-layer die that added just a bit airiness.

Well I'm hoping she has it by now and enjoying it.  Thanks everyone for giving me a bit of your time, and your oh-so-wonderful inspiration and encouragement.



Birthday Hugs

Howdy, Peeps!  Just popping in with another card of late.  This one was colored with Copics using a Santoro stamp -- I just adore these little girls!

It seems like my lack of ability to get into my craft room in the past few months has created a lack of ability to create!  It seems like the end product just doesn't come off like I envisioned in my head.  Is that a thing?  I'm just hoping it's a dry spell caused by a lack of "practice" so....  back to the craft room I go!

Thanks for stopping by and sparing a little time for a visit!



Bloomin' Fresh Birthday

Howdy, Friends!  Is anyone tired of me trying to catch up yet?  I hope not because I have a couple more posts, then hopefully on to new creations...  This one is a stamp that I really enjoy, I tried playing with a couple flowers but just couldn't get them to layer how I saw it in my head.  I also really enjoy the colors on this one!  Not really fall, but pleasing to mine eyes anyway, and the colors fit the bill for the recipient, Daughter #1!

I am happy with the end product but hindsight I think I'd leave off the scoring in the flower petals.  This was actually a terrific idea from Hubbs, but I just didn't execute it correctly.   Something else to put on my list of "Learn How To Do" which is forever expanding...

Hope this find all of you warm, happy, and eager for beautiful days ahead!  There's been a lot of devastation this year across the US and around the world, I just pray that all of you made it out protected and blessed.

See you all soon, Sweet Friends!


Hip Hip Hooray....

While the saying makes me think of children, I really wanted to use this sentiment face place die to add a little fun!  When we get older, we don't always tend to think of Birthdays as happy occasions but as maybe a little more wear and tear on our bodies.  Alas, I wanted to focus to be different, and hopefully bring a smile to the receiver's face -- I believe it worked...

Masculine papers, but that oh so fun sentiment die!  Love it!  After the choice of pp, the rest all found into place.  I do wish my round corner edge would've matched the die a little better but we have to have something to try to improve, right?

Thanks again for popping in to see my little corner of blogland, and to leave such kind words -- they really do mean the world to me!



Fall-ish Birthday

It was Daughter #3's Birthday almost two months ago now...  I had made this card earlier but left it "un-sentimented" so I could use it for whatever the occasion.  With all the festivies between mid-August and early September, I was frantic!  So..... I went to my box of pre-made cards and resurrected this one for her Birthday!

What I really liked about this card is the distressed woodgrain inking on the background.  I love the color I chose and how it played into the strip of cs, and a good contrast to the fall die cuts; however, it's the one thing that also didn't photograph the best!  Frustrating, but I'll get over it...and a close-up:

Hopefully the background woodgrain is more visible, and you can see a bit more of the inking I did on each of the dies.

Are you ready for fall?  Well, actually it's been going on awhile but I happen to love the fall air, the brisk mornings and all those gloriously colored leaves!  Hope yours is wonderful!



Bride & Groom

One of the amazing events I was privileged to participate in this summer was the marriage of our middle daughter!  It all started in August when we went to Rockaway Beach. OR to stay in another son-in-law's family's beach house.  We were fortunate that Daughter #2 was able to fly in from Denver, to be with the rest of us there plus bring her fiance to meet the family!  What an amazing time, beautiful weather, fun times to include beachcombing, relaxation, shopping, great food and even a night at a local karaoke bar!  Yah, yah, you'd never expect me there but we had a wonderful time and it was amazing to meet a man who would shortly join our family.  BTW I have some pretty talented son-in-laws (and one "to be") with mad karaoke skills!

After the quick "meet", we flew to Denver early in September to be present at our daughter and new son-in-law's wedding.  A family dinner the night before, then...  The wedding was beautiful at an AirBnB up in the hills overlooking the great outdoors with family and some friends.  We only had a few short hours to actually be with them, but we were blessed to be there and enjoyed every second!

Ok, Ok, onto the card that I made for them, I actually LOVE the simplicity....

The stamp is so delicate that it challenged me to try to get it to show a bit more.  I stamped and embossed several times, but it's still pretty light.  It's in a silver tone to match the silver cs below.  I purposely shortened the front panel because I really liked that the white showed and gave it even more contrast.  Here's a close-up -

Before I leave, I'll share a photo of the family in Oregon, then a special one from the wedding  :o)

Mary, Shirley & Jo (hahaha, hope you got the play on words) -- along with their Loves, and E too!

Bride & Groom...

Man, I'm blessed!

Well, that's about it for tonight.  I've enjoyed popping in and visiting a few blogs and truly hope to see more and more!  Hope to see you all around, thanks so much for stopping in!  



Happy 80th Birthday, Dad!

My dad turned 80 in August and we had a fabulous get together, and celebrated a grand achievement!  I know we're living longer as a society, but it's still a great thing to say that someone turned 80 and they're enjoying, loving life!  It was a morning strategically orchestrated, and attended by quite a few people, just enjoying the company of each other and celebrating a perfect day.  This was my card... a masculine card, several dies used, and a great pack of manly pp (I lOvE the rich tones)!  Enjoy!

I added dimension to the HUGS since I didn't have to mail it, and a snippet of pp inside for a base below the sentiment.  This card kind of made itself except the placement of the sentiment stamp, which took me a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm enjoying visiting a blogs as I continue to try to catch up on the last blur of 8 months!  See you around!



Hello, Friends -- Thank You!

I just wanted to say hello to my friends, hopefully I've had a few stick around during my LONG absence!  I've been quite busy but I'm dreaming of the day when I can get back to my Craft Room in a well-balanced life -- haha!  I've made a few cards but really haven't had time to post, so I wanted to start by saying "Thank You, Friends"!

This is a standard card, a style I've made before but I just love that swoopy scallop and wording!  One can never tire of a good standby  :o)   I've got a few others, and I'll be posting as I can and I'm DYING to get back into seeing what everyone else has been up to!

Thank you too, to all you wonderful friends who sent Birthday cards, even though I was absent!  They're precious to me, and I actually hang them around my room -- to view when I get into my space.

Hope to see you soon!


Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!

Howdy, Friends & Neighbors!  I haven't been around much, and I REALLY haven't had much time to create but I did get to make this for my mom recently, so I thought I'd share.
The stamp is new, a company I really hadn't seen before (Santoro London "From The Heart") but I bought a few of these because they're just so cute!

Pretty simple card, but I really like it -- quite happy with my Copic coloring, and again, that little girl is just too cute!  Here's a close-up so you can see her pink little cheeks!

Thank you for taking time to stop in and see my card -- I think about you guys often, and can't wait until I can get back in my craft room more regularly!  Until then, I hope to pop in and see what all of you are up to!  Gorgeousness is my guess...



Happy Birthday, Sweet Grandson!

Yep, you guessed it.... event #3 for Easter weekend!  My grandson was actually born the day after SIL #1's Birthday, so we get to celebrate A LOT in April!  My wonderful grandson turned 5 and it seems like my life is whizzing by faster than I can take it in!  Here is his card...

First, I apologize for the photography!  I seem to have gotten a bit "wonky" on my skills or maybe it was that I was lying on my belly taking pictures, or that I was just flat worn out after 3 celebrations AND Easter!  Either way, it seems I may have been tipping a bit.

I made a QACAS card, and colored it in a bit with Copics, nothing too fancy, but then he is only 5 and starts Kindergarten this year!  I won't be able to claim that long, since it seems like just yesterday he was born!  Lemme brag a bit while I have your attention -  he's smart (reading, counting and doing math already), polite, helpful, and loves to hug!  Wanna see a pic?  Here's an adorable one from his "friends" Birthday party (note the 'stache to look like Grandpa)!

Did I mention he loves to be silly too?   LOL!  Check out that one sock on, one sock off look too!  And how about that rock' hairdo?  He actually has a natural mohawk that stands up all by itself when his hair is shorter; however on this day his hair was just long enough to lay down!  What a boy!  Gotta love him, yep I do  :o)

PS Cute-asaurus, Alt Birthday Greetings, ME Ella & Friens



Happy Birthday, Son-In-Law #1

A busy Easter weekend?  Yup!  This Birthday was event #2 for the weekend.  Since SIL's Birthday was on Easter, we spent the afternoon at my daughter/SIL's house with his family and ours.  It was a grand mixture of Easter dinner and Birthday blessings.  Great food, great company, and a couple celebrations to boot!  Here's his card...

This card's design came from the fact that my SIL, his dad and sister are all bicyclists, something my bum never got accustomed to!  This stamp is actually a NBUS, one that I loved from the moment I saw it.  And although my SIL doesn't ride around on a bicycle with a basket, I just had to put a pup in there because we are all dog lovers!  I took the cue from a color challenge running at the time that I was dreaming up this card, but of course I missed that boat!  And while the sentiment doesn't look Birthday-ish, it worked into and fit nicely with a sentiment from another set, so it IS a Birthday card.  Hey, and Spring is here, so it fits there too!

PTI Pedal Pusher
PTI Birthday: Stylish Sentiments

Whew!  Two events down, and one more to go!  I may need a vacation after these posts... JK!!!



Wedding Wishes

Best wishes to a co-worker and her fiance (now husband).  This was done in colors of the wedding, and I can already say that I wish I had done this a little different...  Although I like this card, it needed a pop and it seems to me that those "mind flashes" come a little too late too often for me.  Anyway, here she goes...

This wedding just happened to be a GREAT start to a wonderful Easter weekend!  Best wishes to the couple, again!  Heartfelt sentiments inside by PTI Love & Marriage.

EbyE Bed of Roses coverplate
MCS Straight Banner die
PTI Love die
SSS Red, DCWV Mirror card

Hugs to all!


Happy Birthday, another be-lated...

I made this card with this gorgeous color selection/challenge that I found - LOVE these colors!  And although the challenge is closed, I definitely wanted to use these beauties!  I made this ~

So another quickie post, but such is life these days!  I'm so glad you could spare a few minutes of your precious time coming to visit!  Hope to see you all around soon!



Happy Healing, be-lated challenge

I used the Freshly Made Sketches #278 from Jen M to make this card.  I had a leftover negative die cut that I really wanted to use but coloring behind the negative didn't prove to work too well for me, so I was on the search for another way to use it when I saw a sketch...  Unfortunately the challenge ended before I had time to post BUT with all that in mind, I created this
 And a close-up...
Here's the inspiration...

This has been mailed, so I wanted to get it posted.  Thanks for stopping by and perusing!



Sending Prayers

I needed to make a card and since I haven't been in my craft room much, I needed a little inspiration.  So I took to checking out some of my favorite blogs and while I found quite a few beauties, I knew immediately that I had to CASE this card from Lisa Addesa of I'm In Haven fame.  Check it out...

While I love her white-on-white and bold stand-out sentiment, I wanted to add just a touch of color and gray fit the bill.  I also wanted to tone down my sentiment. My card is one of those that we all hate to make and it really took me quite awhile to post, well over a month...  Take a gander ~

I haven't been around much, so I'm glad you spared a few moments to visit me here.  Happy weekend to all!



Happy Birthday!

Sorry this'll be a quickie post, but my time hasn't freed up much but I am hopeful!  I made this card, mailed it, and the recipient should have it so it's safe to post.  I actually used a recent sketch challenge but since I didn't have anything that fit from the sponsor, I'll not mention the specifics unfortunately!  It was a wonderful help though...

Pretty self-explanatory, but my best wishes were sent!  A little Wink of Stella on the inlaid die cut, unfortunately it doesn't show a lot but sorta looks like diamond sparkle..  Love ya, Kirsten!



NBUS #9 - w/camo; Addicted to CAS #103 - WISH; SSS Wed: Anything Goes

This card is zipping it's way to it's recipient but I wanted to get it posted and linked up for these fun challenges!  My goal was to enter Darnell's fun challenge, because who can resist Darnell, AND what better way to use our NBUS?!  Along the way, it occurred to me that I could join in a couple extra challenges, and Darnell's okay with that!  So here goes...

I started with a heat embossed floral grouping, watercolored with distress inks, die cut my camouflaged sentiment word then popped it up with a few layers, and cut it into a stitched rectangle.  It was then mounted on another stitched rectangle, sentiment added  and a plus a couple outline floral images to the inside.

I'm entering these at:
   NBUS #9
   Addicted to CAS #103: Wish
   Simon Says Wednesday:  Anything Goes

   WPlus9 - Doodle Buds (NBUS)
   SSS Sending & Wishing (NBUS die)
   PTI Inside & Out Well Wishes
   LI Stitched Rectangles
   VersaMark, EP, Ranger DIs

Thanks for popping in and taking a look-see!  I hope to see you in these challenges too!



CAS Watercolour - January 2017: Snowflake

Once again, I have a couple of cards to send over to the CAS Watercolour challenge and join in the festivities.  A bonus?  I've actually amassed (well amassed might be an overstatement) a couple cards for next Christmas!  Now I'm not one to plan or even start a year ahead, but the challenge seemed to lend itself to it so I took advantage!

Card #1:
   Watercolour (distress inks)
    Snowflake stamp:  Great Impressions Snowflakes (NBUS)
   Perfect Pearls, generously spritzed all over

Card #2:
   Watercolour (Distress ink & Perfect Pearls, mixed)
   Snowflake Stamp:  PTI Take 3: Winter (NBUS)

Now you might be wondering where the snowflakes are (no, not the little ones) but they're there.  They're kinda "artsy", so I'll give you a little closer look...  The little ends almost remind me of the little "bleeding hearts" flowers!

See 'em a little better now?  They're kinda peeking out of little frames, with some texture to boot so I wanted to make sure you could verify their very existence!

Well that's it for me today!  Whew!  Again, the feast or famine thing but at least I'm still creating, right?  These cards will go to:

Edited to Add:  I guess I've learned another valuable lesson!  Today I learned that you must use different blog posts to link up additional cards to the same challenge!  I guess it doesn't really surprise me, but I posted my cards in one post, thinking I was saving myself some time.  So, now the first was linked and the second is strictly for viewing   :o)
Wow!  Thanks to Cat Craig, she helped me link up my second card...

Hope your week is an awesome one with cardmaking the goal!