CAS Watercolour - January 2017: Snowflake

Once again, I have a couple of cards to send over to the CAS Watercolour challenge and join in the festivities.  A bonus?  I've actually amassed (well amassed might be an overstatement) a couple cards for next Christmas!  Now I'm not one to plan or even start a year ahead, but the challenge seemed to lend itself to it so I took advantage!

Card #1:
   Watercolour (distress inks)
    Snowflake stamp:  Great Impressions Snowflakes (NBUS)
   Perfect Pearls, generously spritzed all over

Card #2:
   Watercolour (Distress ink & Perfect Pearls, mixed)
   Snowflake Stamp:  PTI Take 3: Winter (NBUS)

Now you might be wondering where the snowflakes are (no, not the little ones) but they're there.  They're kinda "artsy", so I'll give you a little closer look...  The little ends almost remind me of the little "bleeding hearts" flowers!

See 'em a little better now?  They're kinda peeking out of little frames, with some texture to boot so I wanted to make sure you could verify their very existence!

Well that's it for me today!  Whew!  Again, the feast or famine thing but at least I'm still creating, right?  These cards will go to:

Edited to Add:  I guess I've learned another valuable lesson!  Today I learned that you must use different blog posts to link up additional cards to the same challenge!  I guess it doesn't really surprise me, but I posted my cards in one post, thinking I was saving myself some time.  So, now the first was linked and the second is strictly for viewing   :o)
Wow!  Thanks to Cat Craig, she helped me link up my second card...

Hope your week is an awesome one with cardmaking the goal!



  1. TK, you can post multiple cards from one post. Just at ?1,?2, ?3 etc at the end of your original url for each additional picture. SO go back and link up!

  2. Tk, two beautiful cards! I love that you have a start on Christmas already! I normally do as well and love making them all year, just haven't had a chance to start this year!

  3. WOW!!! both cards are absolutely GORGEOUS, tk!!!

  4. Both cards are so beautiful TK. Great job with getting some Christmas cards made ahead. Love the watercolouring with the shimmer from the perfect pearls. Thanks for sharing both cards at CAS Watercolour! xx

  5. Two really lovely creations, and one lovely chat this morning, TK ... that's starting my day on the right track! xx

  6. Love your cards with all the awesome shimmer!! Hey, it's always good to get ahead in the Christmas card making! I've done the same thing thinking to save time with 2 cards in one post and am glad to learn how to be able to link both!! Thanks for sharing your pretty cards!!

  7. Very pretty Wintery Snowflake cards TK. So pleased you were able to join us at CAS Watercolour. Hugs...

  8. At this rate, you might be done with Christmas cards by July!! These are two impeccable examples- I love these! All those snowflakes are just fantastic! Gorgeous!! Bev

  9. Two beauties, TK ... the shimmer and sparkle on the first is gorgeous ... love all that texture on those shy snowflakes in the second! Hugs, Anita :)

  10. Both of these cards are gorgeous, TK! I love the layout of the first with all that shimmer and the 2nd is so classy with the rich red and silver! Love that frame!

  11. Meant to add, thanks so much for sharing with us at CAS Watercolour!

  12. Christmas challenges are a great way to get your cards made all year long, TK. Both of your snowflake cards are wonderful. I'm didn't know how to post two cards from one blog post so I was glad to see what Cat said. No wonder we all love this community.

  13. Love your watercolored snowflake cards!
    Would you mind sharing what you learned from Cat Craig about how to link up two photos from the same blog post? Thanks so much in advance!

  14. Two fabulous cards, TK! I love the effect of Perfect Pearls on both cards...the shimmer is so pretty! I love the color palette on the 2nd card, but they are both really beautiful :)


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