Well, life has taken me in a lot of different directions, and definitely gotten in the way lately but I wanted to explain.  Summers are ALWAYS my busiest season due to yard work, my part-time job AND work for a non-profit that I have worked with for 12 years now (Royal Family Kids Camp, go ahead and google it, it's a GREAT place to donate your time and money).  My work with them is confidential, but extremely personally rewarding and hopefully the kiddos are rewarded as well!  However, there are days that this "job" can be full-time.

In addition to that, I've been a bit side-tracked by a task that has taken 6 months, up to this point.  I am HOPEFULLY adopting a rescued boxer name Sophie today!  Hubbs and I will be taking off shortly to drive 4.5 hours to have a "meet and greet" at 5p.m. with her to make sure all goes well before bringing her home, another 4.5 hours!  So, without further ado...
What a doll! It isn't a good picture, but it's what I have for right now.

After we return late tonight/tomorrow, I have to do a few hours of work at my "pay job", then Hubbs, Sophie and I will be going camping.  So...I'm hoping to make it make it back into the craft room after that!  Hope your weekend is awesome!  If you're near me, be sure to stay cool as we jump from 75/80  degrees right into the 100's this weekend!



  1. Hope all goes well with the new family member and you, your Hubbs and Sophie enjoy your camping trip x

  2. Oh Sophie is darling, TK! I'll happily wait for your next masterpiece! xx enjoy that drive!

  3. Hope all goes well with the meet and greet. I bet you can't wait to get home with Sophie.

  4. So understand the busy life, TK. I think Sophie would love Signe, my son's boxer. She's such a sweet gentle dog.

  5. Congratulations on your new addition, TK! At least, I'm hoping Sophie made it and your "meet and greet" went well! If not, you sure gave it your all and I hope you try again. Good luck with all your jobs that make your summers challenging and amazing! You are an inspiration in so many ways!

    Ugh, about the weather! By the Bay we have hit the hunnerts, too, and I hate it. I always heard when I was young how old people like the heat! No old people I know like it, lol! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Goodness, what a busy time, TK ... and such worthwhile and rewarding work with RFKC! What a sweet photo of Sophie ... hope all went well with your journey, her collection and that you're now enjoying a wonderful (and not too hot!) camping trip! Hugs, Anita :)

  7. Sophie is adorable! I so miss our dogs! Wanted to stop by and say thank you to you for your so sweet comments on my cards! Hope you stay cool! Down here in Texas the humidity is so bad right now they are saying it will "feel" like nearly 110┬║! Guess summertime is here! :) I hope your doggie adoption works out too!

  8. Yes, sure does sound like busy time for you,TK ! Volunteering is always wonderful and rewarding ,thank you for your time.
    Awww enjoy your new pup,hope all is well by now!


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