Royal Family Kids' Camp

Providing a 1-week camp for the abused, neglected and abandoned children from the foster care system.  We are all 100% volunteers who are record-checked, trained, and sensitized to the issues confronting the children.  Often these children are excluded from attending regular camps, whether by school or churches, due to their issues and medications.  We have approximately a 1.3:1 adult to child ratio, with nurses and counselors on staff.  Activities include arts & crafts, woodworking, swimming, fishing, sports time, rockwall climbing, and group activities to include singing and performing, all of which are geared to making each child a success!

Our local chapter:

  Monetary donations:  What Can 10 Do?

I've had a couple requests of how people could donate cards, and so I thought I'd take the opportunity to address this.  First, I must say that I'm VERY humbled by those who see into our vision, of why we do Royal Family Kids' Camp.

The Mail Center is used by the staff and counselors, as well as the kids themselves.  Cards given by staff & counselors to kids, and of course, the kids love to write others mail too.  All cards are generally purchased by our organization, but a few donated, for all to have access to throughout camp.  The kids LOVE getting "happy mail" (most of their mail comes from the court system), they love to write their counselors mail, their siblings, even someone who they've really connected with during camp.  Each child is issued their own "mailbox key"!  Since no mail or contact is allowed after camp, all mail is used at camp!  We can go through 1200-2500 pieces of mail, mostly cards, and yes, each piece is pre-read by the Mail Lady to make sure all mail is appropriate and in line with what the state allows (no last names, no addresses, nothing inappropriate).  Each year we try to take 64 (on rare occasion 65), of which are split boys and girls.   

Here are some options:

#1 Cards of any number, that are used by the staff and counselors to send to a camper.  These occasions might be Glad You're Here, Congrats (wall-climb, fishing), Loss of Tooth,  Get Well, Sorry for Your Injury (because sometimes it happens)... 
#2 Blank Cards -- that can be written for any occasion, even from one camper to another.  Some kids have siblings who see each other at camp, but live separately otherwise.
#3 Sets of 64 -- which would be used by the staff, since there are staff who try to write EACH child at least once (obviously, this is a VERY energetic offer).
#4 Card Sets -- we have a Spaghetti/BINGO Bash fundraiser each October to kick-off our fundraising for the next year.  This is an entire evening of fun and food, to raise money for a great cause.  All food is donated, we play BINGO, and we have Raffle Baskets, and large raffle items as well.  It is not uncommon for handmade card sets to be placed in baskets, or even an entire "crafty" basket.

*Cards don't have to be full-sized, they can be as small as you wish, but envelopes to match would be wonderful too!  Our theme for 2017 is the Jungle!
**Due to the use of these cards (many of the kids have severe health issue due to the environment they came out of), ALL donated materials MUST be smoke-free.

Where can you send these cards?  
Contact me here, and I can forward you our mailing address.   And again, thank you so MUCH for your interest!


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