Kraft Room

I wanted to post a few photos of my kraft room, even though it will be undergoing a few changes soon.  Let me explain that this room is in the basement and was Daughter #3's bedroom when she was at home, which will explain the colors, the lighting, and the last few photos.  It does not get a lot of natural light, is painted two shades of blue and trimmed out in two shades of green.  In addition, she is artsy and so hand-painted a few things on the wall (and one cross-stitch), which I chose to keep!

This photo looks down the main wall, housing my iPod stand, phone, and completed cards, as well as the main portion of my desk, 'puter and a TV for watching movies!  Behind me sits a rolling Alex with Big Shot and large paper cutter.  Sorry for the "mess", but this is actually pretty organized but also why I'm changing things up!

This is the main portion again, which you can see a little better now.

Off my to right is the Cameo and Cricut Expression along with most commonly used papers, laminator, small sewing machine, etc.

Behind me is another rolling Alex cart with my new Minc, plus a shelving unit with my stamps, dies, embossing folders, stencils, foil, etc. (Notice the "Mom Cave" plaque my daughter got me?)

Directly behind my desk is these older cubicle units which are not holding up the best, and not very convenient for other things.  These hold papers, extra tools, adhesives, cleaners, gift bags/boxes, watercolors, colored pencils and cross stitching.  The second shelving unit holds my movies, Cricut cartridges, magazines, etc.  The far rolling cart houses scraps and some scrapbooking supplies.  The closet?  Well, we won't go there right now, OK?

Ok, so here's the photos of what Daughter #3 did, and the reason I won't change the walls, etc!  :0P  This first painting was her "custom headboard", when she lived with us!

This is a little ceramic gecko she made, that hangs on one wall...

This is HER cross-stitching that still hangs here -- I'm blessed!

This picture actually shows the custom "light switch surround" and her hand-painted drummer.  Yes, she plays drums too!
Well, thanks for hanging in there!  This is "my space"!